About Us

We are a group of pioneers, blazing the trail of modern design & classic outdoor style

Inspired by a balance of modern design and classic outdoor style, Freedom Foundry aims to see you through all of your journeys; from the deepest depths of the urban jungle to the furthest reaches of an unpredictable wilderness.



Striking a balance between modern manufacturing and practical outdoor design, we forge our apparel with a commitment to craftsmanship. We use soft, comfortable fabrics made for everyday wear, combining them with a variety of garment weights to help balance body temperature. The result is the tough, stylish apparel that tells the world you're ready for whatever comes your way.



We created Freedom Foundry because we believe in standards. Not just in how clothes are made, but in what they represent. We're passionate about connecting people to the great outdoors through practical, dependable apparel. Why? Because we believe expressing yourself and exploring the world go hand in hand.



We believe it's the little details that make the biggest impact, which is why we put the time and effort into our apparel. Making use of signature bonded sherpa fleece fabrics, we design clothing to be lightweight, warm yet breathable and as durable as can be. We want you to feel as confident wearing our products as we feel about making them.